Serial fiction. Updated at 6.00am UTC on Monday and Friday.


Welcome to Terminal Uniqueness.

Terminal Uniqueness is a work of serial fiction, updated on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6.00am UCT.

Set in a present-day city, it focuses on the lives of a number of characters, on how they strive against all that holds them back and do what they can to find meaning; it shows how they struggle to get closer to those around them, even as they inevitably find themselves sucked into isolation. How do we connect when society is so atomised?

Since this is a work of serial fiction, the sections are connected and form a greater story; given this, it’s recommended to start with section one and read in chronological order.

Content Warning

Some parts of Terminal Uniqueness may contain adult themes, so please read our content warning before starting.


Terminal Uniqueness is written by M.


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